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3 Buildings Join Illustrious National Register of Historic Places

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It's all over the internet but we heard it first from Crain's: three more Chicago buildings have been named to the National Register of Historic Places. They are: Streeterville's 1920 Neuville apartment building, an early case of luxury living transferred to the apartment block; Motor Row's Vesta Accumulator Building, a 1913 four-story loft building designed by Carl Almquist which had a longtime association with that company's auto-related electrical manufacturing; and Noble Square's Polish Roman Catholic Union of America Building, still active as a HQ and also home to the Polish Museum of America.

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agengy submitted 10 candidates for review in November, and these three city structures plus one outlier were awarded federal recognition. The Passionist Fathers Monastery, Strand Hotel, and 42nd Precinct Police Station were among the unsuccessful nominees. The National Registry imparts a gesture toward actual preservation by raising local awareness and freeing up tax incentives for rehab. In that sense, it makes it somewhat less likely that anything tragic will befall a registered structure. Since local protections are the only sure path to preservation, they're handled very judiciously.
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