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The Ultimate Man Cave; Planning Rosehill Nature Preserve

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CurbedWire is a roundup of reader-submitted development and real estate gossip around Chicago. Got something on your mind? Drop a line to We want to hear about it.

ALBANY PARK— A respectable condo in Albany Park, recently converted from rental, has a partially finished basement that is "the ultimate man cave" in the expert opinion of Estately's Ryan Nickum. How so? Why, because its pool table, makeshift lounge, and exposed insulation make it "both a rec room and an unfinished home improvement project." [CurbedWire Inbox, Estately]

WEST RIDGE— Ald. Patrick O'Connor is hosting a public meeting to discuss the future 21-acre Rosehill Nature Preserve tonight at 7pm. The city lopped lopped off the chunk of green from Rosehill Cemetery last year and is moving forward with the transformation. Rosehill never used the wooded, marshy acreage, but it has great community potential. [CurbedWire Inbox, Friends of West Edgewater Park]

EVERYWHERE— Coldwell Banker has debuted a sappy TV ad spot, and its PR reps desperately wanted Curbed to know about it. The ad aired during last night's Grammy Awards and will target other "high-profile network television events" throughout the year. Titled "We Believe", the segment is meant to be a reminder of the realtor's paramount interest in facilitating happy lives. Check out the video on YouTube to see if it rings hollow. [CurbedWire Inbox, YouTube]