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Mariano's & 150-Unit Rental Complex Sprout in Ravenswood

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Construction of the Mariano's-anchored Ravenswood Station retail complex has been happening for more than a year now, but what drew Curbed's cameras to the site at Lawrence and Ravenswood is the 150-unit apartment low-rise and townhouse development set behind the garish commercial blot. Known as Ravenswood Terrace, this rental cluster is no prize winning design either but at least its full presence is the reserve of Metra commuters. As shown above, the development's footprint is mostly filled-in. In the end, three 3-story attached townhouse rows and two 5-story apartment buildings will invite tenancy. This sensitively-scaled mix brought by developer Greg Merdinger was more palatable to neighbors than Magellan development's previous 11-story condo proposal. Mariano's and L.A. Fitness are slated to open in March. We wonder if Mariano's would've gotten in on such a big capital project if they'd known Dominick's was months away from loosing its real estate on the market? With $4.5M in TIF subsidy, probably so.
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