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A $5M Low-Floor Unit at Lucien Lagrange's Lincoln Park 2550

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One of the biggest and baddest of Lucien Lagrange's Lincoln Park 2550 condos has surfaced on the resale market, two years after the building's completion. Considering the Lagrange's overall success with Chicago's new money crowd, it's not surprising that owners are catching a whiff of profit in the air. This one bought a 4,420-square-foot, 3rd-floor four-bed from the developer for $3.29M in August 2012 and, with glitzy finishes in hand, will now try to score $4.995M. The listing agent calls this lake-facing, high-ceilinged space "the most unique home at 2550", and its four outdoor spaces totaling 1,000 square feet lend credibility to that claim. There's an outdoor kitchen, a private "sanctuary garden", and a walk-in closet and en-suite bath for everyone down to the toddlers. $1,130/square foot is a pretty penny, but we know someone's got it and is prepared to flaunt it.
·Listing: 2550 N Lakeview Ave. Unit 301S [@properties]