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An Action-Packed West Loop Construction Roundup

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Harry Carmichael

Even the most casually tuned-in observer knows that a plethora of mid-sized residential, office, and hospitality developments are bearing down on the West Loop. Active construction is pretty hopped up this season also, with four sizable projects making an impression on the streetscape. They are, from largest to smallest: 1K Fulton; Arkadia Tower; The Madison at Racine; and CA3 Condos.

Scroll through our photo gallery to find a 385,000-square foot 1K Fulton office/entertainment conversion, plus adjacent 180,000-square-foot construction, finally with its tower crane and a head of steam; White Oak Realty's 33-story Arkadia Tower at Adams & Halsted breaching airspace; the 12-story, 216-unit "Madison at Racine" filling in the first and second floors; and Belgravia Group's 39-unit condo infill bringing closure to the intersection of Adams & Aberdeen (neighboring CA on Adams will follow with another 50 condos). These projects are leading the charge to densify the West Loop (albeit predominately with rentals), develop its retail and employment base, and enhance connections b/w the white collar workforce and The Loop's white collar jobs. The West Loop is already a luxury enclave, and we expect more of the same in the next decade.
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