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Suburban Mega Renter Cutler "Confident" He'll Stay With Bears

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Bears fans neither need nor want a recap of Sunday's game which ended the NFL team's chances of advancing to the playoffs. In the aftermath, Mr. Kristin Cavallari, aka team Quarterback Jay Cutler, has told the press he's confident he'll stay with the Bears, despite the fact that that he has not yet reached a deal with the team to return in 2014. So let's take a look at what Bears life has affording the most sacked quarterback in Bears history.

Chicago Home Stats:
Status: Renting
Monthly Cost: $10,000 a month (according to a previous listing ask)
Square Feet: 6,700
Style: Grand McMansion
Location: Winnetka, Ill. North Bumfuck
Bathrooms: Nine
Roommates: Reality Star wife, son Camden, Cutler + Cavallari fetus collaboration project number two (yet unnamed)
Will they stay or will they go now? ESPN reports that the 30 year old "refused to divulge the exact terms he is seeking from the Bears, although it's likely a substantial raise from the $8.97 million the quarterback earned in 2013." Bets on which $15K rental they might take if this raise comes through?
· Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Lease $10K/Month Mansion [Curbed National]