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Curbed Cup Final: (13) Chinatown vs. (7) East Village

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This finale undoubtedly broke a lot of brackets. Chinatown has exceeded expectations in every round while East Village has demonstrated outsized support. Turnout was greater in the Chinatown-South Loop contest with nearly 600 votes registered. That makes it doubly impressive that South Loop boosterism didn't win out. Strong cases existed for both East Village and Hyde Park to make the championship bout, but the North-South divide usually ends up favoring North Side nabes. There's certainly a lot going on in East Village these days but has it been enough to merit outside attention? There's no catchall characterization for the area and it's not yet a 'destination', but that probably sits just fine with most residents. With final voting upon us, let's anchor this thing in 2013 as much as possible. Polls are open until Thursday morning!
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