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The Curbed Cup Returns! Pick 2013's Prime 'Hood!

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No neighborhood today is exactly as it was 12 months ago. And at the end of each year, someone's gotta measure observable changes accrued and lock Chicago neighborhoods in a competitive stance. Let that someone be you, via the Curbed Cup, our annual Best in Show bracket showdown for nabes that have had a banner year. Last year, a neighborhood not named Uptown took Gold (hi, Avondale), sparing local boosters and Curbed Chicago the indignity of an Uptown three-peat. Our charge to readers this year is the same: drop a neighborhood nomination in the comments below, or via the tipline. Please take the time to explain your choice, and do your best to ground it in the year's observed changes, i.e. residential development, streetscape improvements, new retail, restaurants, public space, and so on. Maybe you sense a new dynamism, or a strengthening local identity... These are perfectly valid reasons to nominate too. The fun kicks off in couple of weeks, when we'll present you with the first round of head-to-head match-ups. The tournament bracket will feature sixteen (16) neighborhoods, and we need your help in figuring which 'hoods merit consideration. Let's give 2013 a most righteous sendoff!
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