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The Bracket Don't Lie: Curbed Cup 1st Round Results!

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Adhering once more to a tamper-free seeding policy, based on evidence presented by neighborhood nominators and number of mentions, the 2013 Curbed Cup bracket birthed a wild and sometimes mystifying world of face-offs. That said, the only major first round upset came at the hands of that spark plug known as Ukrainian Village which humbled mighty West Loop. Our occasionally prejudicial readership rose to the cause: there's not a ton of love expressed on the Curbed comment boards for the mid-rise-scale-preserving, anti-density West Loopers that routinely assault tower proposals west of Halsted. Then again, it's kind of their right to do so in the absence of written protections respecting the historic warehouse scale.

Chinatown also bested Noble Square (this editor's home turf) in a bit of a surprise, especially since neighboring East Village did so well against formidable Logan Square. The closest contests were decided by a few percentage points, but there wasn't any down-to-the-wire drama. As one or two readers suggested, Noble Square might have been better served in merging with East Village. Still, both "villages" performed admirably. Monday marks the start of quarterfinal action. Be sure to tune in!
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