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Walt Disney Birthplace To Get Rehab, Museum Conversion

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On Thursday, WDB Restorations LLC kicks off restoration work on Walt Disney's first home at 2156 N Tripp Avenue in the Hermosa neighborhood, according to a press release. Mayor Rahm Emanuel deems the occasion significant enough to declare Thursday "Walt Disney Day" in Chicago. Members of a mid-1990s landmarks committee harbored different feelings toward Walt, denying the home landmark status based in part on the well-documented bigotry attached to the man. Another factor in the landmarks denial was the home's renovation to two-flat that snuffed out most original 1890s characteristics and any traces of Walt that may or may not have been there. The 1,600-square-foot blank structure sold for $173K in June after six years on and off the market. WDB Restorations will convert the home to a "historical site, museum and a community resource with the mission of enhancing and exploring childhood creativity." Elias Disney, a carpenter at the White City, built the family home and Walt joined the party in 1901. Fans and detractors alike may wish to descend on the on-site press conference at 11am sharp, Thursday. Cake will be served!
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