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His Airness Keeps Mansion Listing Afloat After Failed Auction

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His Royal Airness Michael Jordan couldn't crack the auction house so it's back to the regular listing market for his Highland Park mansion and its overdeveloped acreage. Jordan's sticking with Katherine Malkin of Baird & Warner, but moving the asking price to $16M. That's either up from the $13M minimum auction bid or down from the previous list price of $21M, depending how you wanna look at it. Certainly, it's precipitously lower than the original ask of $29M. To recap: the property measures 7.4 acres; the house 56,000 square-feet; and amenities for sporting, gaming, and lounging are unbeatable (regulation basketball field house, full gym, tennis court, putting green, pool, pond, rec rooms, humidor, home theater, etc). Still, the place can't help looking like a new age office park. Whether or not Jordan goes for another buzzer beater (sorry!) at auction remains to be seen, but it doesn't hurt to store the property on the market.
·Michael Jordan raises Highland Park mansion price to $16M [Trib]
·Listing: 2700 Point Lane, Highland Park [Baird & Warner]