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Inflated Prairie Pad by Nimmons & Fellows Going for $2.2M

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We might have missed this trophy Prairie mansion were it not for PrairieMod's excavations. In the heart of Oak Park, land of Frank Lloyd Wright, the accomplished firm of Nimmons & Fellows (enlisted in the design of the original Sears HQ complex in North Lawndale) designed a 8,100-square-foot monster with generous detail and greenery. The listing credits the architects, one-time apprentices of Daniel Burnham and Wright, with fusing characteristics of Prairie and "Chicago Mansion", even though we're finding it hard to put a finger on the latter. For sure, the property is both mansion and Prairie home. An exaggerated roofline, multiple porches/terraces, decorative windows, and large floor plates are clear and present. The square footage given includes a four bedrooms, four full baths, and a habitable coach house. The 1909 local landmark has its equal in the landscaped yard with in-ground pool. The ask: $2.2M.
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