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Midcentury Modern Home Right on Lake has Treehouse Vibe

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A quizzical outlier in Evanston's Lakeshore Historic District, built by little-known MCM architect Fred Sloan, has hit the market for $1.6M. We can't help likening the lofted four-bed to a treehouse with its large living area overhang flanked by exposed brick and large windows to the lake. There's an illusion of being outside the core of the home, in transitional space. Also, the major social spaces are on the home's upper level, with a more utilitarian ground floor. That includes not just the kitchen and dining room but the master suite's balcony and a large garage-top deck. Opposite the Lee Street Beach, this isn't one of the districts many landmarked or Nationally-registered properties but we dig it just the same.
·Listing: 1030 Lake Shore Boulevard, Evanston [@properties]