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Hint: A North Side Intersection w/ Virtually Every Building Type

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Welcome to CornerSpotter, Curbed's regular game in which you, fair readers, consult archival streetscape photos or postcard illustrations to identify the building(s) and/or location presented. Time to tap that reservoir of urban minutiae and flaunt it before your fellow readers. Fire away in the comments, and we'll reveal the correct identity and backstory tomorrow.

You're looking at an unwieldy North Side intersection in 1936 that today is the backdrop for a collision of architectural styles and building types. Instead of a clean six corner intersection, the diagonally-slicing avenue meets north-south and east-west thoroughfares a little off-center with a leftover chunk of median. The location has densified in postwar decades, with mid-rise apartment buildings pushing in, but you'll still find the three-story building at the top right of the frame. Of course, the arc of urban development isn't perfect: a suburban-style shopping plaza now holds down the southeastern corner. In terms of demographics and physical character, this has long been an intriguing part of town. Where are we?
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