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Two Raw Floors of Metropolitan Tower Yours for $3.69M

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The full 26th and and 27th floors of Metropolitan Tower (aka Straus Building), just shy of the roof, have re-listed for the third time in as many years at an ever-shrinking asking price. What was once $6.04M is now $3.69M. You might also purchase just one floor like a slightly more grounded person (here and here). In play: a combined 7,634 square feet of raw living space with the possibility for duplexing your way to 28-foot ceilings (floor 26 has 18-foot ceilings all by itself). Buy into the "imagined" interiors of Soucie Horner Ltd. (seen in slides 4 and 5) with ultra ornate finishes and a glass staircase b/w floors, or do your own dirty work. The only must is maximizing those sick views. The Metropolitan Tower was the first Chicago building to exceed 30 stories when completed in 1924, though it wasn't the tallest. It went condo in the last decade.
·Listing: 310 S Michigan Ave #2600-2700 [RE/MAX Premier Properties]
·Metropolitan Tower [official]