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Official Auction Promo Gives Thorough Tour of MJ's Compound

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The auction of Michael Jordan's outrageous Highland Park estate, already once postponed, is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 16. The estate has the air of a fortified compound—by necessity, we're sure—with its #23-emblazoned main gate, long drive, and amenity-circled 56,000-square-foot mansion. With the minimum bid set at $13M prospective buyers want to see more than a bouquet of airbrushed listing photos, and so Concierge Auctions produced a 9-minute video tour. Predictably sappy and nostalgic, the production value is outstanding with many of the estate's spaces contextualized by interviews and flashbacks. Finally, the upstairs library and billiard room is revealed, boasting the doors of Chicago's original Playboy Mansion. It's a good overview, since fame by association isn't always enough to court a multimillionaire.
·Listing: 2700 Point Lane, Highland Park [Concierge Auctions /Baird & Warner]
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2700 Point Lane, Highland Park, IL