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Roofline Marina City Condo Asks Tiny Fraction of Trump Pricing

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A double-wide wedge of Marina City's 58th floor has hit the market for $499K. Or, opt for this like-sized 55th floor Trump Tower specimen one block over asking $1.449M. The 1,225-square-foot two-bed is two floors shy of the pinnacle of Bertrand Goldberg's east "corn cob" and is home to sparse modernist furnishings, a makeshift kitchen with utility tables and sink, stained concrete floors, and discordant burlap throw rugs. The master suite is similarly composed, with awkwardly-mounted single shelf, low bed, and step-down bathroom delineated by curtain. The good news is that almost every space unfolds onto an iconic semicircular balcony, totaling 450-square-feet of outdoor space looking east and south over the river and Loop. And 30 lateral feet of window brings the city inside, too.
·Listing: 300 N State St. #5821 [Alto Realty]
·Bertrand Goldberg Coverage [Curbed Chicago]

Marina City

300 North State Street, , IL 60654