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The Top Three City Home Sales for the Past Seven Days

3. The second runner-up to the past week's richest transaction is the $2.75M sale of a 70th floor condo at The Legacy. This isn't one of those obnoxious pied-à-terres costing $2M but barely supporting a nursery; it's a full grown three-bed with 4,750 square feet of living space. Too bad realtors have kept its appearance under wraps. Given that it's the same size as a 55th floor unit that fetched nearly $5M in July, there can't be much added value to the raw square footage. Rather than misrepresent the space with run-of-the-mill low-floor model interiors, your imagination can do the heavy lifting.

2. Working toward the $3M mark is this renovated mid-floor two-bed in a Benjamin Marshall-designed vintage block at 1550 N State Parkway. The condo has a $4,067/month assessment and yet someone surfaced within five months willing to lay down that plus a $2.85M purchase price. Scratch your head until you bleed and the world still won't make sense.

1. The kingpin is a 4,300-square-foot presidential spread at 840 N LSD— four beds, three-and-a-half baths, walnut floors, fancy kitchen, rotunda living room w/ lake and Navy Pier views, large south-facing balcony, marble baths, surround sound, and separate guest quarters. The totality of these spoils (plus a dose of car service) means never having to mingle with us peons on the streets and beaches below. The final sale price: $4.18M.