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Seller Close to Bagging $10M for 3-Lot Lincoln Park Spread

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Remember the 11,000-square-foot Lincoln Park whopper that hit the market last winter? Well, Crain's has it on good authority that the property is under contract. Prudential Rubloff's Janet Owen is mum on the final closing price but it seems likely, given sales history, that the new-build + extra side lot will fetch something very close to its $10M list price. The property sold for $8.5M in 2010 without the extra lot, and in a still-despressed luxury market. Lest our eyes deceive us, there's a pretty badass garage-top sports court on the premises, as well as a full gym, home theater, and a ultra slick kitchen. Other interior treatments behave rather conservatively, but that's probably what your everyday multimillionaire is after. Should the seller stay on track, the sale will go down as one of the five priciest in the city's history.
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