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Cornerspotted: Vintage Chicago at Granville & Winthrop

It's time to put another cornerspotter to bed, this one quite contentious. Buckman821 nailed it right out of the gate as Granville, looking east toward the lake, but then follow-up ventures moved the discourse further and further South. A couple of readers pegged the location as the Wabash 'L' looking east along Harrison, and, funny thing is, it does look a lot like that address in the '30s— just no carbon copy. The vantage point given in the 1936 photo shows the same larger buildings huddled in the background that are present in today's street view. The major change is in a second cluster of 1960s and 1970s high-rises standing where only trees are seen in the older pic. Clearly, some lakefront greenery was forfeited for more urbanization.
·Hint: View From the 'L' Shows Almost-Unchanged Cityscape [Curbed Chicago]