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Six-Bed Kenwood Tudor Hampered by Interiors Slips to $725K

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Just as the seller and listing agent misrepresented this vintage Tudor home as a million-dollar property, Curbed misrepresented just how extreme its asking price once was. More listing history came available via Redfin showing the handsome yet dated home priced at $2.2M back in April 2009. Where to begin? The property needs updates—lots of 'em—and, while reasonably large, its 3,700 square feet would need to be doubled to assure the homeowner a comfortably-seven-figure sale. The 110-year-old six bed has its original architectural integrity—that's not the issue—but is less-than-dynamic in its acknowledgment of the century since. Those spaces that have been "improved" in the last couple decades are aging poorly (see kitchen, master bath). One of the property's best attributes is its large yard and coach house/garage. There oughta be enough here to steady the ask at or near the current $725K.
·Exit Strategy Needed as Chops Keep Coming to Victorian [Curbed Chicago]