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Chicago's Overall Walkability Ranks 6th Among Major Cities

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Walk Score's nationwide 2014 walkability analysis and ranking is in, and Chicago has placed 6th among large U.S. cities. It's just another top 10 list, sure, but still manages to broadcast to the nation what needs no affirmation locally. With few exceptions, larger and older cities bagged the highest walk scores with New York, San Fran, Boston, and Philly leading the charge. Miami edged us out for the fifth spot, and we have to think that its balmy climate weighed heavily in the "Street Smart Walk Score" algorithm. Chicago's average walk score was 74.8, with several dense neighborhoods cracking the high-90s. Transit service is obviously above-average, and on-the-ground experience and major infrastructure investments might contest the city's "somewhat bikeable" score. Walk Score, the company, produces scores for nearly 3,000 cities worldwide and the average score is a paltry 36. Walkable neighborhoods are undeniably advantageous for waistlines, happiness, and affluence but for those who would wed walkability to prosperity, don't. Newark has a higher average walk score than Chicago and Oakland isn't far behind.
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