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Rank-and-File Lincoln Park New-Build Stows 30' Skylit Atrium

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Embedded in a generic brick & limestone "luxury" facade is a hollowed-out core of crazy dimensions: 30-feet high, nearly as wide as the house, and defined by glass walls, a huge skylight, criss-crossing stairs, and hanging walkways. It's an enclosure straight outta Lincoln Park Zoo's Ape House, which, incidentally, is less than a mile away. One of five "distinctive" fireplaces forms a partition between the atrium and living room; the basement hosts a full apartment-like suite and rec room; master and penthouse suites comprise the top two floors; and a cherry-floored library would make a fine second living room or fifth bedroom. The roundup concludes with double-decker rear terraces. Listing in May for $2.725M, the 5,500-square-foot four-bed is now asking $2.6M.
·Listing: 1824 N Mohawk St. [Coldwell Banker]