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First Look at David Hovey's Optima Chicago Center, Part Deux

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We heard it first in a May Crain's article: that architect/developer David Hovey was probably going to build a second, taller Optima Tower alongside the recently-finished 42-story Optima Chicago Center. Hovey had just purchased an acre-sized plot at 220 E Illinois for $29M—usually a sign that you mean business—and confirmed a plan for a 60-story tower with 400 apartments and 200 hotel rooms. Since then, we've awaited renderings. Curbed's Optima connections paid off today with the volunteering of a lone rendering for the now-57-story building immediately east of the first tower.

The room and residence count is unchanged, and 60,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space is in the mix. The building takes the form and materials of the first Optima and elongates them. The parking podium has the same black glass shell with a larger 12th-floor amenity deck; the facade has a similar mid-height break (for more amenities); and the roof deck stands 15 stories above its sister's. Seems like Hovey and Streeterville as a whole were pleased with the first project. Delivery is targeted for 2017.
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