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Hit-and-Miss Craftsman Bungalow Asks $390K in South Shore

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A landmarked 1914 Craftsman bungalow has listed for sale in the Jackson Park Highlands section of South Shore. It's an unusual guy, exhibiting signs of Prairie Style architecture and parked between hefty brick Foursquares more typical of the pocket neighborhood. Unlike a Wright home, this place has agreeable ceiling heights. Edgar Newman is the architect, a force in the local field for a few decades beginning with contributions to Adler & Sullivan's Auditorium Theater and design of the Chinese Government Buildings at the World's Columbian Expo. Newman's residential single-fam projects mostly involved the Craftsman, mostly in the 'burbs. This listing has a healthy stock of original detailing but also a collection of midcentury misdeeds, particularly in the bedrooms and basement. At least one built-out basement space requires repair, but the 3/4 home is otherwise in move-in condition. There's an open house this Saturday so get on down. The ask: $390K.
·Listing: 6829 S Constance Ave. [Sound Realty]