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Developer Dreams Up Clean New Face for Block of N Broadway

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The east side of the 3800 block of North Broadway, full of small buildings of varied style and quality, would get walloped by homogenous housing if developer Dave Gassman has his way. Gassman wants to rezone the land beneath six distinct low-rise commercial buildings to enable construction of one six-story residential building with ground-floor retail. Additionally, the plan calls for tacking on a one-story brick addition to the roof of the handsome white terra cotta building stretching south on Broadway from Sheridan. Uptown Update reported these details, shared with Monday's Zoning and Development committee meeting, and no rezoning decision has been made. Gassman owns all but two buildings on the east side of this block, lending the scheme greater complexity. Another six-story brick building anchors the west side of the block, which will surely aid in the developer's case for up-zoning.

Gassman was recently in the news for his hand in the demolition and prospective residential redevelopment of Uptown's Hull House Theater site. Watch for updates on both fronts!
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