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Show This $125K Lime Green Cottage Some Respect

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Journey to Belmont Cragin on the city's Northwest Side for a much needed wintertime injection of color. Lincoln Park may have the architecture but the bungalow nabes have real estate that's not too precious to have fun with. We are, of course, building our argument around a sample size of one— one lime green goof of a cottage. The three-bed has a paint job that would rile many dollar-driven homeowners, but the vintage interiors and upgrades qualify as refined. There's also a sizable backyard and a drive for up to four cars. Basement and attic are unfinished but are "begging" for bedrooms and future living space. We're not telling you to buy it, as the potential for catastrophic mismatch is even scarier than the risk of driving the wrong car. But just in case, the asking price is $125K.
·Listing: 2341 N Mason St. [Dream Town]