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Brit Makes Impassioned CL Appeal on Behalf of Beloved Ex

We screen-grabbed just the first chapter in one young woman's treatise on her flawless Ex-boyfriend. The circumstances permit an unusual amount of fawning— our storyteller is a Brit whose work visa has run out, compelling her to leave behind a good man and his bitchin' Belmont Harbor high-rise apartment (so big you can bike through it!). Stated and repeated more than once: don't be an asshole. But you can be a moderate slob, at least in the bathroom (you get your own). The building supplies a rooftop pool and sun deck and the neighborhood has bars for everyone! Oh, and did we say the Ex is a really swell, non-judgmental, non-pervy guy? Moral of the story: if you're a gal looking for camaraderie with a possible aspect of romance, get in with this fella; and if you're a dude looking for a "Footy" fan club, there'll be plenty of it on the telly. Your share of the rent: $1,200 inclusive. See below: