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In Beverly, Every Room is a Man Cave

The secret is out: the Beverly/Morgan Park area on the Far Southwest Side is comprised entirely of man caves. Beverly homes tend toward the larger side, so we're talking lots and lots of "caves" with what must be a disproportionate number of men. We don't doubt this homeowner means business when it comes maintaining a high level of masculinity in his abode. Per the post, copied above in part, every room has Cable TV and Internet. The "Lower Level Cave", completely autonomous, has the most amped-up macho fixings with a bar, 55-inch flatscreen, and surround sound. We have to call into question the manliness of a "modern laundry room"— are modern appliances enough to override stubborn gender associations? Good news! There's room for at least two 'Bros' at this man palace, so get a few months in before the owner sells.