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'Nerdy Lady' Does Not Have Her Head in Her Ass

Roommate wanted ads are the best because when you're dealing with peers the stakes are soooo much lower. From this profile, we gather that IT Business Analyst Nicole, 25, enjoys the backside of taxidermy, adores Halloween with friends, and has emerged unscathed from the "post-college flail". This one even has a job! Here's a chunk of text from the ad:

I'm looking for a place to live starting mid-december/early January. A bit about me: recently out of the post-college flail (post-graduate poetry fellowship, taught English in India, backpacked around southeast Asia, came home and panicked for a while). Things that I like: software development, stand up comedy, thai food, dive bars, math, binge-watching netflix, science fiction, bluegrass. I have to be at work by 8am though, so "things that I like" would be more aptly titled "things I desperately try to make time for on the weekends."