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Dwyane Wade Lists 3,900 sf River West Townhome for $1.8M

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A "highly renovated" townhouse in exclusive Kinzie Park on the putrid Chicago River has hit the market for $1.8M. With a seller named Dwyane Wade, he of NBA stardom, the four-bed is a little more exclusive than the overburdened real estate term would commonly convey. Crain's reporter David Lee Matthews sussed out the celebrity connection late last week at about the same time the listing went live. The 13-year-old townhouse measures a meaty 3,900-square-feet with a custom open kitchen, a mix of hardwood and marble floors, a predictably decadent master suite, fenced yard, and a large rooftop terrace. A pillar of the Miami Heat, Wade settled into this hometown townhome with his budding family in 2009, paying about $1.43M. On the offseason, Wade has been known to leap the watery span between his roof and the East Bank Club to save on parking. You'd do well not to emulate that behavior.
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