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Own the McMansion Where Chief Keef Finally (got) Rich

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This Northbrook McMansion is only tangentially-linked to Chicago rapper Chief Keef (photoshopped above using a hard-to-find "clean" image), but tangential is enough when the teen star is in the news every other day for legal infractions. Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, rented the 5,200-square-foot pad for a short span before allegations of unpaid rent landed him on the landlord's shit list. Those charges were settled, but Keef is now checked in to a California drug treatment facility and the home is off the rental market and on the for-sale one. The ask: $1.055M, not even half of its 2008 list price. The new-build sports Brazilian cherry floors, double height living room w/ fireplace, two master suites with gaudy plaster reliefs and jacuzzi, and five-and-a-half baths. The lot is almost a half-acre. Whether Keef proves a flash in the pan or enduring star, McMansions are forever.
·With Chief Keef off to rehab, landlord puts house up for sale [Crain's]
·Listing: 654 Pfingsten Ave. [Home Gallery Realty]