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Have a Hilariously Horrific Roomie Story? Share It With Curbed!

Citizens of Chicago, we know many of you have rabidly disgusting/disturbing/unforgettable stories involving roomies. A select few embody distress while rising to the level of hilarity, and those are the tales we're after. You see, Curbed's third annual Renters Week starts Monday, wherein we cover just about everything topical in the world of the renter: neighborhood pricing; rental maps; defusing Craigslist land mines; pet amenities; nightmarish renting scenarios; and much, much more. That's where you come in, dearest readers. Starting now, please send us one-, two-, or ten-paragraph renter horror stories, the ones that'll make you famous (unless anonymity is requested), and we'll aim to get them published. There's no larger contest or prize this year (that payout is reserved for rental redos), just pure catharsis. Our tipline's officially open, so send your tales pronto!