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Perkins + Will's Basketball Academy a Streeterville Highlight

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Former Bulls center and head coach Bill Cartwright and pro player Damond Williams are leading the charge for a Chicago Basketball Academy, a co-ed boarding school for an intensive upbringing in the sport. Williams likens the approach to that of the Julliard School, bringing the whole "basketball economy" to the city's young talent— for future players and executives. Cartwright is listed as president of the academy and Williams as executive officer, writes Crain's. The busy box above is Perkins + Will's design for a mid-block lot at 237 E Ontario Street, where the MCA began and remained until the mid-1990s. That's the location depicted in the rendering, but not the confirmed site. The 100,000-square-foot private academy will feature two gyms, a rooftop basketball court, student residences, and conventional high school facilities. The school's exact size, cost, and recruitment strategy are still being hashed out at this early development stage, but the selection of an architect and a street is a confident step.
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