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11-Story Clark & Belmont Apartment Plan Gets Flatironed

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The broad heft of BlitzLake Capital's apartment proposal for the Dunkin Donuts parking lot at Clark & Belmont has been blunted through neighborhood and aldermanic consultation. The apartment and retail structure will now climb 11 stories and assume a more innocuous flatiron stance. DNAinfo stresses the increase in apartments (+6), height (+1 story), and decrease in parking spaces (-1) as if they were some grand gesture to transit-oriented development. With 116 parking spaces and 100 units, tending toward studios and one-beds, we're not getting that. Beyond the taller flatiron focal point, building height tapers off more than previously along both Clark and Belmont. Architect Howard Hirsch presented the revisions to the Triangle Neighbors Group on Wednesday, and put emphasis on an "iconic corner building" that draws on the neighborhood's architecture and that of other important intersections such as Wicker Park's 'Crotch'. The form may accomplish some of this, but the materials have some catching up to do.
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