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Wolf Point Site Prep Begins! Next Up: bKL's West Tower

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Curbed's been on high alert since last week, when bKL Architecture principal Thomas Kerwin cautioned us to watch for site activity at Wolf Point. And yesterday, preparations for bKL's West Tower began. Curbed's camera's caught joint contractor McHugh/Clark demolishing lower level surface parking and blocking off portions of the site. The 507-unit, 48-story apartment building will angle toward the juncture of the North and Main branches of the Chicago River, directly opposite RiverBend Condos. The building is lean and mean, with an all-glass curtain wall and a strategic split in its western facade to allow for twice the number of inset south-facing balconies. It also cantilevers over new riverwalk and promenade. While smallest of Hines Interest's pending tower trio, no 500-footer—on Chicago's earliest settled parcel, no less—is business-as-usual. The bKL design works in concert with Pelli Clarke Pelli's master plan for the four-acre site and will take an estimated 22 months to complete.
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Wolf Point

350 W Mart Center Drive, Chicago, IL 60654