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Neighbor Tackles Sex Noises by Way of Angry Hall Note

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An inflammatory written exchange certainly isn't a proven (or very adult) method for addressing a neighbor's noise pollution and when sex and/or masturbation noises are at issue, better just flush the idea. Assuming for our purposes this thing is real, the passive aggressiveness can only escalate until these strangers meet in teary embrace or gory battle— or, until one neighbor moves out. Hey, at least the language is direct. Money shots like this, so to speak, don't come around too often (not even Craigslist is this juicy!) which would explain the photo's 632,000+ views in the 17 hours since being posted to Imgur and Reddit. Oh, and the 200+ comments probing matters of identity, justification, and resolution. Lastly, how do we know this occurred Lake View? Because "the girl in 517" name-drops Belmont Ave's Taboo Tabou erotic shop. (h/t: Red Eye).
·Apparently the walls in my building are pretty thin [Imgur]
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