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Topped Out: AMLI's 398-Unit Clark & Polk Apartments

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The AMLI rental development at Clark & Polk in the South Loop is baring down on a mid-2014 completion. The 11-story duo, each building containing 199 apartments, has topped out. The massing is of great benefit to a blotchy section of Clark from Roosevelt to Polk (there's still more blankness to solve, and south of Roosevelt... forget about it). When Curbed last looked in the buildings were at four stories, just peeking over the Metra tracks at the site's western boundary. The L-shaped buildings address opposite corners of the site rather than opening inward onto a centralized common space. Two parking garages serving a total of 280 vehicles are the last structures to take shape, and the project will finish off with the customary ornamental green space and landscaping.
·398-Apartment AMLI Development Lifts Over Metra Tracks [Curbed Chicago]