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Justin Bieber Gets A Lot of Love from Belmont Cragin Five-Bed

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So this is where the Justin Bieber obsessives live— Belmont Cragin. Short of suburban bedroom communities, that's what we would've expected. Truth be told there are enough Bieber fans as to render this space move-in ready, which might help explain why the listing agent didn't press for a cleaner presentation. The lipstick-smeared Bieber posters and paraphernalia hit like a concussion grenade. But no one should be surprised given the wide-ranging idolatry that clutters many rooms in this five-bed home— statues and figurines of crooners; Marilyn Monroe posters; and more. If you weren't sure before, it sure looks like celebrity worship runs in the family. The property includes a "park-like" yard with a pool and patio, a heated garage, and is zoned for a two-family dwelling. The ask: $369,500.
·Listing: 2914 N Nashville Ave. [Rozar Realty]