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Come to Grips With This Dullard of a Wacker Place Hilton

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A cache of renderings for the proposed 27-story Hilton Garden Inn at 66 E Wacker Place aired today on Skyscraper Page. Rhode Island-based Magna Hospitality Group owns the super-skinny parcel, wedged between the Church of Christian Scientists and the Motor Club Building, whose parallel hotel conversion is all but certain. The renderings were obtained from a development packet presented by W.E. O'Neil Construction, and show the primary elevations— south and west. The site possesses a special prominence along the river with historic and iconic structures at every turn, so we hope these drawings are conceptual, pliable, and at their most basic (no west-facing windows!? Really!?). Otherwise, it means Streeterville is creeping south. No word just yet on a timetable.
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