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Cornerspotted: Intersection of Clark & Foster, Still With Historic Character

Ask your great grandparents, Andersonville wasn't particularly hip 80 years ago. It wasn't particularly hip 20 years ago. The 1934 photo at the intersection of Clark & Foster that headed up this week's Cornerspotter captures an aura of the messy, vibrant, and everyday urbanism that precedes gentrification, with a Schlitz company bar in the foreground. We alluded to a present day booze-related use for the building, and it's as a liquor store. Not pictured are the destinations for craft beer, wine, and neighborhood-distilled spirits that abound on the strip today, as well as the pile of designer antique stores. The photo also caught an old electric streetcar in action. The Clark route was one of the city's busiest, and there's talk today of bringing it back.
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