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Here's What the Planned Apts at North & Clark Will Look Like

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We were promised a glimpse of renderings for the 11-story residential building planned at North & Clark following Tuesday's development meeting, and here it is. From the limited amount that can be gleaned from the single contextual sketch we can affirm that it is indeed 11 stories, that it's composed predominately of brick and limestone, and that its classical Second Empire style is right at home amid Lucien Lagrange high-rises and a sea of wealth. The 120-unit proposal gobbles up two small buildings at the intersection's southwest corner so that the landmark Village Theatre buddies up to the new-build. The theater will be restored as part of Howard Weiner's development, partnering with Glenn Emig of 737 Investment & Development and architecture firm Richard Newman Associates. No word on the evolution of opposition to the project, which had reportedly surfaced prior to full reveal.
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