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Artizone Welcomes Chicago Classic JP Graziano

Pick up a few of your Graziano favorites, then stock up on weekly staples like handmade bread, fresh-carved meat and organic produce from almost 50 other local vendors. Just place your order, pick a delivery time and wait for the knock of your friendly neighborhood Artizone delivery driver. And right now you can save 20% on your first order with promo code "grazie." Grazie, indeed.

JP Graziano Grocery Company is a Chicago institution. That's not news. In fact, the family-owned grocer has been Chicago's go-to-shop for high end Italian specialty items like Sicilian olive oil, 8-year-aged balsamic vinegar, and fresh organic pasta for over 75 years. But what is news—and great news at that—is that you can now treat yourself to the old world delights of JP Graziano via the online local and artisanal grocery delivery service