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Radiant Full-Floor Condo Slides $700K in East Lincoln Park

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The 1916 mid-rise at 2344 N Lincoln Park West is a Beaux Arts touchstone for the neighborhood, the first known commissioned work of K.M. Vitzthum. Whoever commissioned the interior design of the building's third-floor unit should also be celebrated. The five-bed condo rocks a golden living room ceiling, a jagged, multi-counter modern kitchen, parquet flooring, vintage millwork, habitable bay windows, chandeliers, a library, and tokens of asiatic cultures including a life-sized samurai sculpture and a shower stall mosaic of flying goldfish. Curbed's old timers might recall the property back when it hit the market in February 2012. At that point, the list price was $2.8M. The ask is now $2.1M, though unfortunately the $1,890 monthly assessment hasn't come down with it.
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