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West Town Cottage on Deep Setback Has Decadent Interiors

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This secreted-away West Town offering stands behind a fenced-in yard running some 70-feet-deep. It's probably unfair to a great many first-time buyers to bill this as a "starter home", as the listing agent does, as the asking price for the two-bed is a hefty $529,900. First time home buyers might opt for something short of a single-family dwelling in a hot neighborhood. When you finally push through the landscaped yard and patio to reach the "country cottage", its interiors reveal warmth and decadence. First and foremost is the vaulted living room with exposed beams. Next comes the gourmet kitchen, the lofted master bedroom, and the vintage doors and staircase. Lots of major work went into the place in the last two years, including a new roof, siding, and tuckpointing. And already, the asking price is down $50K since May.
·Listing: 1934 W Ohio St. [Koenig & Strey]