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The Top Three City Home Sales for the Past Seven Days

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3. Two floors below Alfonso Soriano's recently listing, and three floors below a recently-sold 6,000-square-foot, double-balcony penthouse is this comparative snoozefest on the Pinnacle's 42nd floor. Measuring 3,000 square feet, with three beds and three-and-a-half baths, it just ain't enough home for your garden variety tycoon. It's enough for everyone else, though, and it recently found a buyer for $2.07M. The remodeled and sumptuously-furnished unit has high ceilings, a "state of the art" kitchen, hardwood floors, fireplaces, two corner terraces, and beastly views.

2. Chicago's #2 sale of the week is this top floor three-bed at Water Tower Place. Inhabiting the 72nd floor of any tower should lend a pretty commanding feeling, except when you're still shoulder-height to the neighboring Hancock. That said, this 3,300-square-foot corner condo's powerful lake views are still unobstructed, and its insides slightly dated but luxurious. The library, master bath, and parquet floors are extra nice while the dining table belongs in a conference room and the track lighting belongs in the '70s. Listing for $2.195M the place quickly went under contract, closing for $2.1M.

1. Far away from those alienating vertical cities downtown, is a wonderful 1885 Wicker Park Greystone. It takes the prize this week with a $2.103M closing price. It's a slick rehab with historical sensitivity, four beds, three-and-a-half baths, and 4,900 square feet of living space. The backyard is pretty great, too, with two terraces bracketing a lawn. Also brought to our attention is the fact that late author Nelson Algren had his last home across the street on the top floor of a 3-flat. Chew on that!