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Minimalist Black & White Hancock Penthouse Asks $1.6M

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Not in the market for an eccentric John Hancock condo? Keep soldiering on, there must be one somewhere. To add to the collection of highly personal Hancock units available for sale, we'd like to share this 91st-floor 4/4 black-and-white dynamo. With black marble floors, white and black walls, and many, many mirrors, you might think you've been concussed when entering some of the tighter spaces. The 2,600-square-foot unit also sports a black galley kitchen w/ red highlights and a huge living room with sinister views south and east. In the building's penthouse tier ceilings are quite a lot higher— 13.5-feet in this case. The property is a combo of three-bed and studio units with the studio used for storage, so a buyer may wish to further integrate. Listing in July, the asking price has slipped from $1.795M to $1.6M.
·Listing: 175 E Delaware Place, Unit 9109-10 [Conlon]
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John Hancock Center

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