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Short Doc Reminisces Over Prentice Preservation Saga

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The Absent Column from Nathan Eddy on Vimeo.

The preservation battle for Old Prentice Hospital failed in its primary mission: to save Bertrand Goldberg's cloverleaf marvel, a less-than-pretty but immensely exciting product of early computer modeling with a design that reframed the total experience of childbirth. But a sentimental victory might be still be claimed: that the nation and even the world engaged in an enlightening debate over modernist architecture's merits and the far-reaching consequences for an architectural capital willing to rule against key components of its legacy. One of the better summaries we've seen of the two-year tug of war over Prentice is a short documentary film entitled The Absent Column by Northwestern alum Nathan Eddy. Eddy was kind enough to share the video with Curbed, recently retired to Vimeo after screenings at Durban Film Festival, Rotterdam Architecture Film Festival, and the Architecture & Design Film Festival in New York. With the city's collective gaze trained on Prentice's year-long demolition that began in the summer, The Absent Column refreshes the story for the masses better than archived newspaper columns and the residue of PR campaigns. Hit the play button and go!
·The Absent Column [Vimeo]
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