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Bridgeport McMansion Has Cringes for the Whole Family

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There's many a cringe-worthy McMansion tucked away in the industrial and U.S. Cellular Field-adjacent portions of Bridgeport, courtesy of the 1990s and 2000s. Prone to tricky resale, these opulent single-families make recurring appearances on the MLS. We haven't peeked inside all of them, but there's usually a slight bout of nausea when we do. This 4,000-square-foot three-bed fits the bill, with a cheap contemporary take on classical porch columns, black marble flooring (hmm... where have we seen that before?), a huge kitchen w/ hugely unnecessary columned entry, a 15-foot stacked marble fireplace, and a finished basement w/ second kitchen and multi-colored checkered wall. Oh, and it's somehow fitting that the entire backyard is given over to paver stones, pebble gardens, and an elaborate waterfall. On the market almost continuously since June 2010, the ask has been as high as $999K and now sits more comfortably at $799K.
·Listing: 447 W 37th Place [Landmark & Property Group]