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LEED Platinum Looker Gets $135K More Than Last Year

It's apparent we've been harping on the whereabouts of this modernist Bucktown green machine for quite some time as it bounces on and off the for-sale market. This must be what it feels like to lead a paparazzi lifestyle. It's just that strange things keep happening to this LEED Platinum-certified four-bed, built in 2010 by developer Tom McGrath. The original listing swan-dived its way from $2.5M to $1.39M. For a long time McGrath's green claims were unsubstantiated, but the promised LEED designation did arrive. The next odd event was the overnight re-listing of the property for $1.799M— a move that screamed flip but that the listing agent explains as an unexpected transfer: the owners "would never sell" otherwise. Well this time the market was ready for the radical "open tree house" vibe, and produced a buyer willing to pay $1.525M.
·Listing: 1610 N Honore St. [Baird & Warner]
·Rebuilt Two-Flat, Now LEED-Certified, Sells for $1.39M [Curbed Chicago]